AGIFODENT was initially created to inform, train and educate institutions and the public about European programmes, alongside the promotion of new technology (especially ICT) and education surrounding the benefits and possibilities of free software. In European projects and the use of ICT through the provision of information and training.

To these ends AGIFODENT:
a. Provides information and training activities about European programmes, new technologies and the use of free software.
b. Undertakes comparative analysis of different goods and services available currently to be able to provide advice to our partners.
c. Integrates into other similar groups to provide reliable information to its members.
d. Develops action plans (resulting in subsidies, grants and programs) to help provide ICT training.
e. Helps develop European training programs related to ICT.

We therefore have three distinct sectors of activity:

  • Providing basic training and support to the end users of ICT products (individuals, small businesses, students etc.)
  • Helping organisations and institutions to participate in international exchanges.
  • Providing advanced training to businesses specialised in the ICT industry and advanced users (such as technicians or graduates), through adding our own knowledge and experience.