AGIFODENT born initially in order to inform, train and educate all users and institutions in matters of
European programs, new technologies and free software because they provide possibilities, benefits and services that are essential, daily and more widespread every day . In particular, to promote participation in European programs and the use of ICT by providing information, training and processing.
To achieve these ends AGIFODENT:
a. Make information and training activities in the areas of European programs, new technologies and the promotion of free software.
b. Develop scheduled performance in quality control of new technologies and free software, and
comparative analysis of different goods and services today.
c.It integrates into other similar groups to provide reliable information to its members.
d. Develop action plans (subsidies, grants, programs) which seek training in general in terms of ICT.
e. Develop different European training programs related to ICT.
AGIFODENT This area focuses on three distinct sectors of activity and purpose:

  • Members and potential new technologies, end users such as individuals, small businesses, students, etc. .. initiated or perfected in the use of new technologies. In this sector our members and the general public in our state are a reference point basic training and support to their knowledge.
  • International expansion Entities: Entities related to the world of education who want to meet, exchange or participate in research projects and educational development internationally. This sector is formed by the department of international programs, where, thanks to new technologies and developing participation in educational projects beyond the borders and simple with our help.
  • Companies and users of the ICT sector: Companies with a standard or extended use of new technologies and advanced users, such as computer departments, technicians, university graduates and graduates, installers, and so on. This sector is the cognitive part of our Association. His experience and knowledge are provided to other partners for their support and help.