About Our Organisation

AGIFODENT is a spanish educational organisation established in 2002 in Cenes de la Vega (a small village outside the city of Granada, Andalucia). Our organisation is a large umbrella educational organisation comprising a private VET school,  a   school for adults, and a language school. We also act as an intermediary for other schools regarding mobitily projects, jobshadowing projects, and european training courses.

At AGIFODENT we aim to help inform, train and educate the public and institutions about of European education programs. Throughout nearly two decades of existence, our organization has been able to refine its social and educational priorities. We aim to do the following :

  • To organize and provide cultural activities aimed at both students and professionals, designed to promote tolerance and pluralism throughout Spain and Europe.
  • To organise and assist with transnational activities that promote European cooperation (for example Erasmus Plus), providing help to partners such as translation, information provision and assisting in documentation.
  • To provide ICT training, especially surrounding new technological developments and the use of free software.
  • To defend the rights of minorities (such as people with disabilities or subject to exclusion) and to promote discussion about, and solutions to social problems like : unemployment, racism, environment and climate change, poverty, crime, alcholism, prostitution, social exclusion, the inclusion of disadvantaged groups (especially people with disabilities), from a transnational perspective and with a focus on the exchange of knowledge with other European organisations.
  • To promote socio cultural research and knowledge within the education community.
  • To develop environmential and ecological projects, especially surrounding the issues of climate change and conservation, that promote awareness and information about the issues, alongside a wider commitment to promote global sustainable development.
  • To strengthen institutional support for the promotion of volunteering, the promotion of social action, environmental protection, data protection, the promotion of social economy, the promotion of constitutional values and the defence of democratic principles, the promotion of tolerance, the development of scientific research and technological development.
  • To provide citizens of Andalucia with opportunities aimed at improving understanding between peoples and cultures, to provide transnational mobilities for the people of Andalucia, to provide lifelong cultural education (for example through language teaching) , and to preserve the cultural heritage of Andalucia.