Here you can read some experiences from former students about their internships in Granada with AGIFODENT in different areas.

intern 4 done

Complete Name: Gabriele Pozaityte

Country: Lithuania – University: Vilnius University

Position: Office Assistant and Translaton

“I would like to start by saying that unfortunately, my internship in Granada lasted only 3 months. I would have loved to spend there more time and reasons for that are both personal and professional. Granada is a wonderful city to live in not only for its famous touristic places and its vibrant atmosphere but also for having everything within reach. Talking about the job I was very glad that I had a possibility to work as both Office Assistant and Translator, which let me gain relevant experience in my field and learn new things in the other.”

intern7 done

Complete Name: Morena Rogalo

Country: Croatia – University: University Juraj Strossmayer Osijek (Croatia)

Position: English Teacher

“I spent wonderful 4 months in Granada teaching English language to children and adults. This internship opened doors for new jobs: As soon as I had graduated, I was offered a job in another academy in Spain. Now I am back in Spain and doing my dream job .Many thanks for everything!”

intern 14 done

Complete Name: Pietro Furno

Country: Italy – University: Università degli Studi di Torino – Department of Management

Position: Project Manager Assistant

“During my internship, I had to manage mainly the educational and cultural part of a European project for VET learners. Secondly, I had a variety of office duties such as: client management, communications by email and telephone and timetable management.  It was a great experience for me, because it enriched both my personal and professional background. If I had the opportunity to repeat it I would do it without hesitation.”

intern 17 done

Complete Name: Athanasia Giagkoudi

Country: Greece – University: University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

Position: Office Assistant and Group Monitor

“Choosing Granada and the AGIFODENT association for my Erasmus Internship was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, full of life and history. The staff of AGIFODENT was very willing to help me and the other students in order to adapt to the environment, and through this experience I’ve met amazing people from all over the globe.
I would definitely do this again! “

intern sample

Complete Name: Maddy Blatherwick-Plumb

Country: UK – University: University of Sheffield

Position: Art Workshop Assistant

“Although the internship didn’t turn out to be exactly what I was expecting (restauration), it was still a very fun, interesting, and fulfilling internship. I learnt lots of new skills, including: how to create, work with and manipulate plaster pieces, how to translate specific texts related to the pieces we created, and how to interact in Spanish. Not only did this internship provide a valuable professional experience in another country, it also provided me the opportunity to make lots of new friends from all over Europe!”

intern 1 done

Complete Name: Kübra Birim

Counrty: Turkey – University: Okan University

Position: English Teacher Assistant

“I finished psychology bachelor and came to Granada to observe children and practice developmental psychology. Granada is a perfect choice for Erasmus students. It has the beauty of Andalucia, peaceful and social life and is cheap for students.”

intern 2 done

Complete Name: Eva Jeraj

Country: Slovenia – University: Faculty of Education – Art Pedagog

Position: Art Assistant in a workshop

“I worked in a workshop for 3 months. Work includes making casts from plaster, painting, fixing and putting gold on pieces. I improved my Spanish speaking skills and met a lot of interesting people there. As an art student I enjoyed working there, it was a great experience all in all.”

intern 12 done

Complete Name: Bilal Karakoyun

Country: Turkey – University: Istanbul Kultur University

Position: Artist 3D Modeler

“Granada is a cosmopolit, historical and really beautiful city. This city made me passionate about exploring new places, meeting new people and going to work. Internship in AGIFODENT improved my 3D design skills, I’ve learned a new 3D software and I created a lot of historical, religious, ornamental designs. I’ve become much more confident about working in industry.”

intern 22 done

Complete Names: Karina Kozak and Paweł Kalski

Country: Poland – University: Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk

Position: Artist 3D Modeler

“We have been in Granada for nearly three months for an Erasmus+ internship in AGIFODENT. It has been great time, totally worth it. Working with our coordinators was a pleasure, very kind and positive people. Tasks were well organised and we have gained a lot of experience doing them. It was very rewarding to work on pieces based on the Alhambra ornaments. The city of Granada is marvellous and very hot. Fortunately, there are a lot of great tapas bars where we have enjoyed tinto de verano in our free time.”

intern 15 done

Complete Name: Emine Bural

Country: Turkey – University: Kocaelì University

Position: English Teacher Assistant

“The people who are participants of AGIFODENT were really helpful and fast in terms of filling documents. Whenever I got any problem I consulted them and they helped to solve the problem. Additionally, I got lots of good experiences and memories during my internship. I had a chance to see different cultures and traditions.  I have spent good times with my students and colleagues. I was really happy to be there.”

intern 21 done

Complete Name: Magdalena Bryk

Country: Poland – University: Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Position: Art Assistant

” I’m a Civil Engineering graduate with a strong interest in architecture and conservation and strengthening of old structures (that was my master thesis all about). Working for 4,5 months in Doctum helped me to develop knowledge about a subject completely unfamiliar to me then (like islamic architecture details) and I had fun in the workshop creating some pretty ornamental pieces in the same time. During the weekends there was enough time to discover the beauty and diversity of Andalucia, and during the weekdays – enough tapas bars to visit! In the semester we also had a chance to learn spanish in classes specially arranged by Julio – very useful. For the sun, food, people and landscapes – I would very recommend the internship  “


Complete Name: Georgios Christodoulakis

Country: Greece – University: Ionian University

Position: English Teacher Assistant

“Granada has a lot to offer to a newcomer, especially to an Erasmus+ intern. My experience, those unforgetable three months, was the best. AGIFODENT was really helpful and was always ready to help me when I had a question or a problem. I am really grateful to them and I wish them all the best for their future endeavours!”


Complete Name: Caterina Celandroni

Country: Italy – University: Università degli Studi di Pisa – Dipartimento di Civiltà e Forme del Sapere, corso di Laurea in Discipline dello Spettacolo e della Comunicazione

Position: International Trade Assistant

“The experience of an internship at the Associacion AGIFODENT was very beautiful and interesting. I was able to collaborate with boys and girls from different countries, with whom, besides putting together our ideas and collaborating in a close-knit way, I was able to improve the language and learn new things about their cultures. Julio, Robert and Ramon are kind people and they coordinate the internship in an impeccable way. It was a pleasure to work with them!”

intern 18 done

Complete Name: Melike Arslan

Country: Turkey – University: Kocaeki University

Position: English Teacher Assistant

“Developing an internship experience in Granada was really amazing. I have stayed for four months in Granada. During this time of period I have met great people and I have made a lot of good memories. I have worked in a private college as an Assistant English teacher. My colleagues and the students were both very friendly and respectful. I have seen many different cultures which was very interesting.  People in Granda are very optimistic and helpful. As an Erasmus student I was very glad to be in Granada.”

intern 10 done

Complete Name: Jagoda Suchorzewska

Country: Poland – University: Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan

Position: Office Assistant

“I am really glad I had the opportunity to take an internship within AGIFODENT. I worked as an Office Assistant at the school “Language in Group”. AGIFODENT is involved in various international projects. I had a chance to take a part in an european educational project InPlace. Thanks to the internship I improved my Spanish language and developed organizational and communication skills. I co-worked with amazing people that made my stay in Granada one of the best experience in my whole life.”

intern 9 done

Complete Name: Vasileia Skourti

Country: Greece – University: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Department of Primary Education)

Position: English Teacher Assistant

“My experience as an English teacher assistant in a school of Granada was great. Working with children of early childhood and primary education as well as collaborating with the exceptional staff of the school helped me learn different teaching methods and understand the educational system in Spain. I will definitely try to apply all these innovative methods working in schools of my country, too.”

intern 5 done

Complete Name: Sedat Öget

Country: Turkey – University: Kocaeli University

Position: Teacher Assistant

“My internship in one word was awesome. Everyone in AGIFODENT was so helpful and kind. I had no problem with document work. At the school, I had great experiences from experienced teachers, they are superb helpful, and they showed me great hospitality. I felt like home. Only problem for me was finding a place to stay. I advise you to arrange a place before coming to Granada. This way you will have a great time there. Apart from that, it was wonderful.”

intern 8 done

Complete Name: Maria Savvidou

Country: Greece – University: University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki

Position: Financial Assistant and Customer Service

“AGIFODENT gave me the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, Granada. I am very thankful to have developed my internship there, and if I had the chance, I would do it over and over again.”

intern 6 done

Complete Name: Dimitra Aletra

Country: Greece – University: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Position: English Teacher Assistant

“Going abroad in Granada for my Erasmus Internship was a huge boost for my mind and my self-confidence. The cooperation with my colleagues was more rewarding than expected and my working environment was very pleasant. There is some room for improvement on certain parts of the receiving organization; yet, my overall experience was and will be unforgettable.”

intern 3 done

Complete Name: Maria Christodoulou

Country: Cyprus – University: Universidad Tecnologico de Chipre

Position: Office Assistant

“The experience I had in Granada was the best one in my life. I made unforgettable memories and it was a great support to find a work after my studies. This experience helped me a lot learning Spanish and getting to know different cultures. Thank you for everything, Julio.”

intern 20 done

Complete Name: Effrosyni Vatkali

Country: Greece – University: University of Ioannina

Position: English Teacher Assistant

“Living in Granada for 4 months was the best decision I ever made. Beautiful city, helpful organization, amazing students and school, Andalusian culture, but most importantly, good friends you’ll never forget!”


Complete Name: Maria Pia Belmonte

Country: Italy – University: Università della Calabria

Position: Conversation Assistant

“My internship experience has been great. The team in the city was kind and helpful with me since the first time I contacted them from my country. Once I arrived in Granada, they offered me support in finding a place, hints to move in the city and useful information. I therefore  recommend AGIFODENT to all those who want to do this experience.”


Complete Name: Melania Ecca

Country: Italy – University: Lingue e culture per la mediazione linguistica, Cagliari

Position: Office Assistant and customer service

“It has been a great experience that gave me the opportunity to improve my knowledge of languages learned in my university and gave me the opportunity to try a job that could be my future job after my graduation.I love life in Granada and all those who I met Here, I think it’s one of the best destinations for an Erasmus student … I recommend this association for your internship because you can learn a lot! “


Complete Name: Laura Klinkert

Country: Germany – University: Justus-Liebig Universität Giessen

Position: Tourist information, Office assistant, Web design, Language teaching assistant

“During my five months of internship in the beautiful city of Granada, I learned and done a lot with Agifodent, I got information about different positions and functions and Agifodent allowed me to do a wide range of tasks. , Susana, Mauricio, Ilaria and, of course, Julio) always helped me and really tried to find a suitable solution, therefore, I have acquired many good experiences, problem solving skills and I had a great learning success! “


Complete Name: Paweł Baraszkiewicz  

Country: Poland – University: Nicolaus Copernicus University en Poznań

Position: Art Assistant

“During the internship, I got to know the Andalusian heritage and the methods of promoting their culture.” Working in the workshop was an opportunity to learn about the methods of creation and manipulation of pieces made of plaster, these methods are related to the conservation and Restoration of Spanish monuments I also had the opportunity to draw grenade buildings in autocad.”


Complete Name: Ilaria Pippi

Country: Italy – University: Università per Stranieri di Siena

Position : Teacher Assistant

“My experience at Agifodent was satisfactory and fun. I didn’t speak Spanish so much when I arrived but I integrated very quickly into the working environment. All my colleagues were there to give me help and support with class management and I felt welcomed from the first moment. I enjoyed all the activities I was supposed to do and I surely can better organize my job from now on.”


Complete Name: Mariateresa Ravano

Country: Italy – University:  Università degli Studi di Salerno

Position: Office Assistant

“Working for AGIFODENT has been one of the most useful and amazing experience of my life. During my traineeship, I learnt how to deal with different tasks thanks to whom I improved my capabilities. Furthermore, it is really easy to get along well with collegues and the boss that’s why the working environment is really relaxed and it is pleasant to spend time there. I hope everyone can enjoy this experience like me!”


Complete Name: Pedro Miguel Campinos Pintor

Country: Portugal – University: Faculty of Economics of University of Porto (OPORTO)

Position: Office Assistant and Customer Service

“Working in Agifodent Association was a fantastic opportunity to develop my soft skils. I am sure that this experience was very important to my future. Granada is also a great city. It is very safe and have a young environment. I could visit all the city and knew new cultures. About life level, is good and not an expensive city.”


Complete Name: Mehmet Anıl ÖZCAN

Country: Turkey – University: İzmir University of Economics

Position: Intern in Taxi Granada

“The internship was really good for me because I had the chance to practice both spanish and english with the tourists. I have learnt a lot about Granada and Andalucia thanks to this internship. The only problem was the company (Taxi Granada) did not care about us a lot. But in the end, it was a beneficial experience for me.”


Complete Name: Judit Bujáki

Country: Hungary – University: Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest)

Position: English language teacher

“I was teaching adolescents at an academia for three months in 2018, which turned out to be an amazing experience. The students were cooperative and hard-working with a great sense of humour, I got all the help I needed to get by during my internship and had plenty of time to explore the area. I had a wonderful time and improved professionally as well.”


Complete Name: Maria Gallova

Country: Slovakia – University: Univerzita Mateja Bela

Position: English Teacher Assistant

“My internship in Granada was amazing. I learnt a lot of things as Teacher assistant in school where I helped pupils with English. Besides, I could not only see beautiful city of Granada and its famous, breathtaking palace and fortress complex of Alhambra, but also travel and visit other beautiful cities and parts of Andalusia. I am very thankful for the opportunity and recommend you to work with Agifodent”.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-20 at 17.23.23

Complete Name: Elif Beyaz


Position: Assistant English Teacher

“I’m from Turkey, I currently have internship with AGIFODENT as English Teacher. For sure, AGIFODENT has provided me the best internship experience. They are reliable and they are always there when I need help. I’m really thankful to everyone from AGIFODENT!”

Atesania Nazari, Canes de la Vega

Complete Name: Justine Plankaja

Country: Latvia –  University: Art Academy of Latvia

Position: Restoration- Art assistant

“Workshop in ArtenasiaNazari. Restoration activities with works with gypsium, surface cleaning, adding materials such as colour pigments, different kind of clays such as Alhambra brown. Cultural events during internship in Granada. Getting known with spanish culture in places like Alhambra, Museo de Bellas Artes, Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo, Federico Garcia Lorca Museum, CAYAGRANADA.”


Complete Name: Berfin Kara

Country: Turkey – University: Art Academy of Latvia

Position: Restoration- English teacher assistant

“I wanted to do an English teaching job in Spain because my major is English and I believed my teaching abilities would improve by getting your acceptance letter. That’s why I sent an inviting letter to your institution. I became so happy to get your acceptance letter from your respect.  I also wondered about Spain , it’s culture and it’s language. My working experiences in Spain were highly beneficial for my fiture studyings. Because I believe that I developed good teaching abilities at your institution. Thank you so much for giving me this oppurtunity. I will always remember this experience and I will always be thankful to your institution. Also , special thanks for Teresa Moleón  for helping me so much during the process.”


Complete Name: Cristel Raik

Country: Estonia – University of Tartu

Position: Intern at Granada Taxi

“I am so thankful I came to Granada for an internship. The people are incredibly warm and welcoming, the atmosphere at my workplace is friendly and fun. I have fallen in love with this city and region- the breathtaking landscape, historical charm and authentic local culture! “

aurora macali

Complete Name: Aurora Macali

Country: Italy- University of Ssml San Domenico

Position: English teacher assistant

“It was a great experience that help me improving,of course, the language. I knew people of different culture, changed my daily life and did new challenges that I have never done  before and visiting new cities. I would recommend to everyone.”

laetitia clementoni

Complete Name: Laetitia Clementoni

Country: Italy- University of Ssml San Domenico

Position: English teacher assistanti

“I signed an agreement with Agifodent and I have been very satisfied of my experience! In July I worked with children aged between 3 and 11 in a bilingual summer camp called “Santa Micaela”, while while in August I taught English to teens (16-18 years old) to prepare them for the Cambridge First examination, in a school called “Thema” 

Complete Name: Aikaterini Georgiou

Country: Greece- Ionian University

Position: Web Designer

“My internship in Granada was an amazing experience. As a web designer, Agifodent gave me the chance to develop my skills while i was working in this site. Furthermore, Erasmus internship is a good opportunity to travel and learn about different cultures. I recommend it!””   

Complete Name: Linzenbold Vanessa

Country: Romania- Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara

Position: Art assistant

“This was the best erasmus experience of my life! I felt myself very nice during work. The workshop is located in a beautiful place surronded by mountains, the work itself could be 10/10 interesting for anyone who is connected in a way or other to arts. The atmosphere of the workshop inspired me professionally and also personally. You are doing a great job there. Never quit! ”” 

Complete Name: Hristo Savkov Hristov

Country: Bulgaria – Technical University of Varna

Position: 3D Designer

“Great company with great people working there. Helped me to develop my work skills and my language knowledges.I worked on a lot of different and interesting projects.I met students all around the world.  Internship in Agifodent Granada was one of the best life experience for me. ” 

Complete Name: Alice Predari

Country: Italy- Unicollege SSML (Mantua)

Position: International Project Assistant

“My main task at Agifodent was to help the association in creating and shaping European projects for learning and training. My experience has been really educational and inspiring, the projects were all very interesting and the coordinators have always been clear, friendly and open. They really value the work that trainees do.”   

Complete Name: Maria Tsigkopoulou

Country: Greece- University of Patras

Position: Art Assistant

“My experience in Granada was something I will never forget. The city is beautiful, there are so many things to do and explore and it is full of students. The workshop wasn’t exactly what I had in mind and everything I learned I did from my supervisor Salvia. Working with plaster was something new to me and very interesting and the pieces we made were truly beautiful. I wish I could stay longer. “

Complete Name: Patricia Petrat

Country: Germany- Universität Duisburg-Essen

Position: Art Assistant – Artesanía Nazarí

“The internship at Artesanía Nazarí was an extraordinary experience for me, both personal and professional. I learned so much about the andalusian culture, history and art. I feel very inspired by all the people i got to meet. And of course i fell in love with Granada, it’s such a beautiful city. I’m very grateful i’ve got the opportunity to be a part of the Artesanía Nazarí team. ”   

Complete Name: Aleksa Radovic

Country: Serbia- Singidunum University

Position: WordPress designer

“I had a great experience working on various projects with Agifodent. I have learned a lot in previous six months in Granada. Also, I had a great professional experience and communication whilst working. 
Truly it is a great opportunity to both learn and expand your knowledge and to live and experience Granada, Andalucia and Spain. ”   

Complete Name: Nikos Antonopoulos

Country: Greece – School of Fine Arts Athens

Position: Film Assistant

Working as a film editor in Artesania Nazari was a great experience for me. I collaborated with people from all over the world and I got to improve my skills as a videographer.”   

Complete Name: Nikolas Almanidisopoulos

Country: Greece – University of Cyprus 

Position: English Teacher Assistant 

My experience working in Granada with AGIFODENT was incredible. The schools with which I collaborated were amazing and the environment very friendly. I learned a lot of things and I would love to repeat  that experience again.”   

Complete Name: Sokratis Mantzakos

Country: Greece – Harokopeio University of Athens

Position: WordPress Development

It was a really great experience to collaborate with Agifodent in Granada for wordpress development, the cooperation was really nice and I learnt many new things and generally the Erasmus experience in Granada is something that I suggesting it to everyone, thank you very much guys for this experience.”