Internship Tutoring

There are selective criteria for a possible host organization or company before we choose if they will participate in internships and receive trainees:

  • Sufficient resources to provide a structured, guided training program to the intern or trainee within a professional environment
  • Suitable workspace and any position-specific equipment in a professional workplace
  • Ability to provide ongoing supervision and evaluation of the intern/trainee
  • Worker’s Compensation policy that covers the intern/trainee
  • An Employer Identification Number (or Tax ID number)

Special guidelines concerning internship programs:

  • Every host organization must have an active Worker’s Compensation insurance policy that provides coverage to the participant during the training period
  • Each participant must have his/her own workspace at the Host Organization
  • Participants are not allowed to train in home offices where there is no clear separation between the living space and the workspace
  • Interns/trainees must have the opportunity to interact with coworkers in English-speaking work environments
  • The intern/trainee must always be accompanied by a supervisor on the job site and training activities

Please note that the above information is intended to provide general information only. A final determination of eligibility can only be made during the formal application review process.