Agifodent Group

We believe that our main objectives (providing access to European programmes, training and education about the ICT sector) are key to the socio-economic development of the region of Andalucía. We exist as a conglomerate, Grupo Agifodent, that combines all of our non-profit interests into a single management and administration structure. The wider conglomerate defines the way it works through the following seven categories:

  1. Promotion and dissemination of the use of ICT and free software.
  2. Provision of training and advice to partners.
  3. Promotion of the participation of ICT professionals in interdisciplinary teams to promote the application of ICT throughout the professional world.
  4. Promotion of research in science, technology and education through participation in European projects.
  5. Encouragement of solidarity, consideration and mutual assistance between partners, through establishing close ties with them.
  6. Promotion and undertaking of the training of partners in new technologies, human resources, data protection and languages.
  7. Provision of advise to partners on all matters of ICT, free software and issues regarding Intellectual Property.