The main objective is to promote and encourage AGIFODENT European programs, training and ICT sector in our region, as key elements for economic and social development of it. Therefore the horizontal conglomerate Grupo Agifodent other non-profit interests and goals with a united by a single management, administration and management. This promotes initiatives aimed at promoting ICT in all areas: its use to educational level, and domestic business, the integration of new technological elements and all kinds of statements in ICT, and developing the ICT business sector.
A generic way, we can define the way we work in seven sections:
a) Promote and disseminate in society everything related to activity in the area of computers and Free Software, as a substantial element in the development process.Open the doors of knowledge of the Internet for personal and business development at all levels and educational function.
b) Provide training and advisory services to partners and on request. Training is undoubtedly the basis for the future. A continuous and specialist training in any subject, based on experience and knowledge of other countries, some knowledge will undoubtedly preferential impact on personal and business development in a competitive world as it is today.
c) Promote the participation of computer professionals in interdisciplinary teams to promote the application of computer media to other professional activities. Having the presence of advanced technical staff will not only prestige and name to our organization, but relevant experimental knowledge we further open the doors to new experiences.
d) Promote research in all areas through European projects, including strengthening the use of free
software platforms, working towards the improvement of education, science and technology.Our
international projects department collaborates on an ongoing educational programs of all the materials to other countries, sharing knowledge, experiences, skills and new ways of working that are provided to our partners through the Private Area.
e) Foster a spirit of solidarity, consideration and assistance to partners, establishing a close link between them.
f) Promote and implement the development and training partners. A wide range of training online,
classroom, distance and blended learning where our members participate for free (for active employees and freelancers). AGIFODENT permanently develops various group plans further training in new technologies, human resources, data protection, and language. You can view the available supply Here
g) advise their members in all matters relating to aspects of training, intellectual property and free
software. Also projects are underway to implement a common work area for all its members and the applicants, providing equipment and library materials both timely and highly technical.